Check Out Seth Meyers' Take on Trump's Rough Week

Comedy Video Seth Meyers
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Last night’s edition of “A Closer Look” on Late Night With Seth Meyers revolved around President Trump’s recent policy initiatives. Meyers began with footage from Trump’s rally in Nashville, Tenn., during which Trump claimed to have done more in 50 days than “anybody’s done in this office, in 50 days.” Meyers, however, compared Trump’s accomplishments to “the way a toddler helps out in the the kitchen.”

Meyers further claimed that Trump’s suggestion that his words would be twisted by media sources was “an elaborate fantasy.” Meyers, later, jumped on Trump’s suspicion that the Democrats “probably hate me.” “Probably?” Meyers asked, “No, dude, they hate you. Have you seen the protests? They hate you so much they’re willing to spend three weekends in the airport.”

The segment went on to discuss Trump’s healthcare plan and tax cuts, mainly critiquing Trump’s style of speech as opposed to substantive policies. Is this productive discourse? Would Trump have any basis for claiming that coverage of him focuses too much on tone as opposed to policy? Does satire about Trump’s tone dilute criticisms of his policy objectives? Watch above, and decide for yourself.